How not to make customers happy

I recently moved to Bangalore and subscribed to Vodafone. About a week and a half into the subscription, I get this SMS at 5:45 am, clearly designed to be as missable as possible.

I hadn't subscribed to any such service. This seems flat out illegal. Anyway, I followed the message and immediately sent a STOP to the number. What followed is a hilariously intentionally vague UX:

What do you have to respond? I was almost tempted to respond with "1, 2, 3" but instead did the 'logical' thing and punched in 1. I got a confirmation that it has been disabled.

I have no idea what the silk service is, or whether I will be charged for it in my next bill. Let's see.

EDIT: They did charge me for it, but I was able to call customer service and reverse the charge. It turns out that the imgur app for Android was injecting bad ads in the background that signed up the device for these things. My suggestion: do not use the imgur app on vodafone mobile data.


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