Rhyming Harry Potter kweezz

A long time ago, I had made a Rhyming Harry Potter kweezzz. It was archived on kweezzz.com, but it has since been domain squatted. So I decided to post it here for safekeeping, thanks to archive.org for the data.

Theme: Harry Potter Rhyming Quiz (All questions will rhyme, the answers may or may not)
Date: 16th Oct, 2010
Kweezzz-master: @sushovande

Q0: Gave my flesh and got back silver, ratted my friends with nary a quiver, Show me a cat and I go pale, scare me not I am ____

Q1: When amorphous blackness makes it a blight, hold me aloft for instant eyesight!

Q2: You see a mermaid here, frescoed on the wall, what room in Hogwarts am I, pine fresh will let in y’all

Q3: Snack me to skive, In curtains I thrive, Color me gray, Kill me with spray

Q4: At Christmas-time my name draws weird sleds, my wife is so evil that her everyone dreads

Q5: A very advanced charm am I, an idea darkening the arm of Lestrange. Hermione cast me, very casually, on a bunch of loose change.

Q6: Karkus was my lord, very difficult to find, but don’t be intimidated – my son is very kind.

Q7: Harry intrudes here, where Voldemort keeps, Hermione says here that Draco’s pretty neat.

Q8: Clickety clackety and answer me trump, Beedledy Bardledy had made me jump, stupidest story name in the whole lump.

Q9: When someone says Ron’s name, this heirloom of much fame, takes him from where in shame, he had once upon came

Q10: Would you like a firewhisky? Butterbeer with a float? The only thing I don’t serve, is an unexperimented goat!

Bonus Q 1: I’m blue and am enchanted, Arthur Weasley can’t be taunted, Fly in me and you’ll yodel, What’s my make and model?

Bonus Q 2: In Hogwarts I teach you to look at the skies, My name’s a bit creepy, so tell me no lies.

@blinkandumissit – 20 points
@cheese_charmer – 15 points
@krtgrphr – 13 points

A0: Wormtail
A1: (Malfoy's) Hand of glory
A2: Prefect's bathroom
A3: Doxy (a component of skiving snackboxes, can be killed with spray)
A4: Rodolphous Lestrange
A5: Protean charm
A6: Giantess Fridwulfa (Hagrid's mom)
A7: Borgin & Burkes (Voldemort was shopkeeper here, Hermione tried to get something claiming Dravo was her friend)
A8: Babbity Rabbity and her Cackling Stump, one of the stories from Beedle the Bard
A9: Deluminator
A10: Aberforth Dumbledore
Bonus1: Ford Anglia
Bonus2: Prof Sinistra


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