Taking a break from taking a break

It's midsem time in Kharagpur. I have this kind of routine: (fasten your seatbelts) 2 exams the first day, 1 exam on monday evening and then 2 again the next day. (Well, the last exam may get postponed, heres to hoping it will).

So what's new? Well, I got rid of AVG and installed Windows OneCare Live beta. I like the app. And the look and feel is gorgeous! Those who accuse Microsoft of having terrible sense about gradients take a look at this application!

My internet explorer 7 beta 2 preview causes the uninstaller of Norton Antivirus 2005 to start every time it completes a download and before it copies it off to the destination location. This may be because it detects Norton is 'still installed' so it wants to virus check the file before copying it. However my Norton is cooked - a virus killed it off so completely,.. well that's a long story.

Photon has blogged about good 3D artists. Nice post.

Lots of videos on Channel 9 about Mix06.

I made a wallpaper on Visual Studio 2005, the one I wanted to make for a long time now.

Have fun!


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