Databases and Culling

Well, if you believe MSDN, they are related!

Well not just MSDN. I have had a share of database and culling in my personal life as well here. I just completed a mini web-app for the HMC to maintain all our student records hall-wise. That’s nice, is it not? Not many of my friends know about it yet. As for culling, well I wrote a D3D app recently with some collision detection – and I found that it is collision detection that makes D3D apps ‘feel good’. It feels pretty cool!

Okay, I borrowed Aalekh’s digital camera for a while, and what I ended up getting is this flickr photo stream. Skip to page 3 if you want to see my own photos.

Spring fest is over. I just went to Euphoria. Against popular belief, I believe it was quite good. Shankar Mahadevan was good I heard, but, well, I never got to test that theory.


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