snake running

I released Snake v1.0.4 at 2:00 yesterday at 2:00 in the morning. Wow that sounds great! Released Snake v1.0.4 – nice feeling. Anyway, you can get it here, if you want to.
Lots of bottlenecks in my Rabbit project. Bottlenecks? I should call them big time problems. LCD is not working, the data bus is behaving weirdly, I don’t want to talk about it.
It’s getting cooler around here, and I am not referring to the attractiveness of the village of a campus we live in. I have to graduate to full-sleeved sweaters soon!
Oh ya, I nearly forgot, some of my grades are out. I did not get enough in VLSI. Others are fine. Could be better, but they are fine.
Tell you what – I have not figured out what makes a good semester and what makes it bad in kgp yet. You think lots of studying would make it good but there are exceptions. And my best sem till date, the second, I don’t think I studied that hard. It is some mysterious force that decides. What’s even worse, ppl with higher grades keep getting better and the void keeps increasing. That's bad is it not? Wish it were better. Bye till next time...


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