It's Winter, chilling and warm.

It’s winter! Another semester has ended, and I am more than half a graduate now. This sem was great. In fact, I loved the Soft Computing Tools course, more than any other course in IIT yet (got an ‘A’ in that, by the way). I loved the CAOS lab (but I don’t have much expectations from that – unfair checking). Nice digicom lab.
So what is up with me? I have Visual Studio 2005 installed and configured. I have WinFX Nov CTP installed and configured. Both are really great products. But, I have one big fear. I can no longer install Vista builds on my machine – the bootloader no longer loads!! I am really afraid whether I will be able to install the release version of Vista on my computer or not.
I made a Snake game – I have wanted to do so for a long time now, but never actually sat down to do it. After I made it I realized that any working software program of any consequence at all needs a lot of labour. Eliminating the nitty-gritties is very difficult. I actually have a few RFE’s lined up for snake, and a blog entry to its credit!
I am currently working on a website for BTDS, and as per popular feedback, its going great. Will be nice when I will be able to link it up from here, saying, “here’s the website I made”.
Another fun fact: My geocities homepage actually has a Google Pagerank of 2!
Bye and keep yourselves warm!


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