Hard Truth about Hard Drives

There is no use having a small hard drive. There is fundamentally no use. OK, let me explain why I am so bitter.
The reasons are twofold. One, I can't install Windows Vista. Two, I can't install Windows SDK. (Both Dec CTP).
Why, you ask? Because of my hard drive configuration. Windows Vista gets stuck after it loads disk.sys. Windows SDK installs by force on the system partition, and, who in the whole wide world has enough space there?
Anyway, I am in Kharagpur, and if you happened to read my ramblings about the Rabbit Project I was doing (which is very unlikely), it all turned out to be some loose connection or some hardware problem with the board. Now I am both happy and sad. Happy because I have been doing the right thing all along, and I have made my code very robust (yes, even fault tolerant!) and proliferated it with comments. That is supercool, is it not? I am sad because of the so much time I wasted. I could have done a LOT more by this time, seriously, a lot, lot more. But my guide says that such things happen, well fine. I am not complaining. It is all a part of the game.
Just a few days till next semester. This semester is not going to be good. I can feel it. The subjects are already boring. I just hope that my CG does not fall beyond what it already has.
Bye again till we meet!


  1. Update: I found out that it was not actually disk.sys, but the driver that loads after disk.sys that was creating the problem. I wonder which driver it could be and whether I can do something about it


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