Saturday at kgp

Today is Saturday, and I am here at kgp. I talked to Mom on the phone today morning after about a week. I started my Digital Lab mini-project without my partner. Why? Because he is suffering from jaundice. I suddenly lost a bit of interest in DirectX. Also, I am getting to love C# more than Java, contrary to what I thought that I would never like any C flavour better than Java. But C# has stolen largely from Java. The .NET framework is cool.
Okay, now, how do I feel? I don't feel too good about AnaComm or SemiCon or ProbStat, but Digi is good, specially Digi-Lab is cool, and our mini-project is going to be a success (I hope). And? Nothing else.


  1. "I study in a school where at the end of four years you get a hard-paper certificate which tells whoever is concerned with it that so-and-so has actually the guts to make thorugh 4 years of his life in this crazy way and is awarded the Bachelor of Technology degree".

    No one could have put it in a better way!

    Awesome blog, Sushovan! Please continue updating it.


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