This is the life of a boy who lives at ...

I thought that I would say in the very title that I am at such and such place but whoa... It suddenly lost all meaning and I gave up the idea. I think I am not going to mention where I am, just what I am doing. And I am not going to say how I am doing but how I think I am doing.
I am Sushovan De. I live in West Bengal, and for sons of Uncle Sam, that happens to be in India. I have a free internet connection and a Pentium 4, so I made myself moderately net-savvy. I study in a school where at the end of four years you get a hard-paper certificate which tells whoever is concerned with it that so-and-so has actually the guts to make thorugh 4 years of his life in this crazy way and is awarded the Bachelor of Technology degree. There. I already have given you some hints on where I am.
Just two years ago I was at this absolutely amazing school where I had these absolutely amazing friends. Now, somehow, the friends I have in this crazy place have something with them that never makes it quite like the old school days. I still remember with a very very fond heart the memories of my school.
I think if I start telling about my past chronologically my present will be postponed into the future. I rather think that I will tell you more about what I was when I will be forced to look back upon the days gone by, in the days to come

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