I saw this coming

Really, I actually saw this coming. I Knew that at some point of time I would dwindle off and write no more of my "JibonJatra" as such. I didn't realize it would be so soon.
Anyway, what has happened in the mean time? Well mid-sems are over. Went so-so. Digital was good. After that I had Google India Code Jam Competetion, for which I forfieted going home this weekend. That went OK too. Although I felt miserable about not going home. The good part is that I can go next weekend. I made the Azad Competetion Arena website. Probably They'll host it on my comp. Oh, yes, Tushar-da got married. Boudi is quite good, I liked her. Met rupu-didi, and tumpa-didi, but it wasn't so very strange meeting tumpa-di because I haven't been in Patul without her, so I couldn't get how exciting it must have been for her.
I have a digital class in 20 minutes. This is crazily the first time I have been happy that the classes are restarting, I have been a bit lonely this weekend. Well, Deepak came over, that was fun.

Oh I forgot to tell that I actually completed a version of the Wallpaper Changer. It can now change the desktop wallpaper and publish a Calendar at the most uniform part of the image


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