I participated!

Well I did participate in Ataxia. Although my hands were shaking like a tender leaf on an otherwise bare tree in the Sahara desert-storm, we actually made it through Part - I and were, say 75 % through with Part - II when they closed submissions. Man! somebody could dissasemble a toy motorbike in like 30 seconds!
OK, then, I did complete the Quine McCluskey Program. I discovered a strange bug in Microsoft Visual Studio, though, it's Release Build was not quite as good as it's Debug build.
I had thought that I would do the last part of the QM algo quite easily. Deceptively, that was the hardest part! I had written it for so long that at the end I cheated and did something that did not follow the algo perfectly, but it works.
I have been watching Friends a lot lately. I simply love the way they live, and the acting is so very natural.
Oh, yes! I met Prosenjit today at Kshitij arena. He was a bit changed and I could not recognize him at first. I made Nath ask his name before I went forward and talked to him. He was OK.
I am feeling a bit scared about the sems coming up. This Bong-drams thing is going to take some time.
Bye then.


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