February 5, 2005 Kshitij Day

Today Kshitij, an aggregation of equally stupid minded fellows is happening in our college, with a record accumulation of sponsors and money being thrown down the drain. It is the tech-fest of our college. Yes, I am participating, but in just one event, Ataxia, that too because Loadu (Swarnavo Sarkar) forced me to. He was one short of a team member. Funny to think of it, our Ataxia team is the same group of guys in Electronics lab first year. Me, loadu and Sovik Kumar Nath.
A couple of important things happened today. Well, I woke up a 8:20, which is a perfectly reasonable (hoo-haa in fact) on a Saturday, thinking that Soumitra will come to discuss the Quine McCluskey Algorithm. What I had forgotten was that we had decided to go to Gol-bazaar to get ourselves some of the amazing digital chips we found in digi lab.
We went to Tech-Market, Soumitra and I. We found our marked out shop closed, so we had a sweet and Soumitra was wanting to withdraw money from the bank which had not yet opened. S we went (on my suggestion) to these couple of shops on the outward side of the market, and viola- an electronics shop. We got a huge number of IC's. Now, that is quite all right but what matters to me is that the shopkeeper was so patronizing and skilful that I am afraid that we must have ended up paying more. Anyway, we got our chips and the load isn't much since there are two of us in this, and the finance is shared.
Now that I have made a clean breast of it, I feel better, but I know that I will start feeling guilty again once I have to go to the shop to pick up the power supply. And pay the rest of the money.
The other thing that has happened today that I wrote much of the program I was writing about the QuineMcCluskey algorithm that was given as assignment. Just the last bit of fine minimizing is left, the major part is done. I hope I will be able to finish it before I go to sleep.
Rudrajit, my roommate is at Kolkata today for the bookfair. I didn't go to the bookfair this year. Father is at Aizawl. That's why.
Tushar-da's marriage is coming up.

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