The cute little border with drop shadow.

I just installed Internet Explorer 7. It rocks.

Coming to the title of the post. If you open up ieframe.dll with Reshack, you can go to UIFILE group, resource 20485 (language: 1033: en-us) you get an xml file that looks like some file that controls layout of the IE controls. Haven't tried tweaking it yet, but that is high on my priority list. In that xml file, in a comment on line 58 is the following:

This element hosts the cute little border w/drop shadow around the main layout
Well, I guess that either some designer wrote this, or some coder has a crush on someone in the design team!

Okay, fine, back to business. What I liked and hated in IE7, and what bugged me.

What I liked

  • Multiple tabs.
  • Close Tabs with middle click / close button.
  • HUGE new favourites pane which is FLOATING, not docked.
  • Built in RSS, though the default refresh period is set to 1 day - duhh.
  • Gone is the menubar.
  • Quick Tabs. Too good. Killer app.
  • New set of icons.
  • The fact that none of my HTML 4.01 or my XHTML websites broke.

What I hated

  • It takes up a lot of memory. Go up to 5 tabs, back to 1, memory usage = 4tabs.
  • Seems to be a little heavyweight.
  • Some popups behaving a bit weirdly.
  • No download manager - though there is a download manager dialog in the ieframe.dll
  • RSS default refresh rate = once a day.
  • Proxy settings still 4 clicks away. (plus 2 clicks to commit)
  • Great new error pages - why the heck did they not change the HTTP 404 page? Or did they?
  • Flash Player 8 plugin continues to play sound after tab is closed.

What bugged me

General bugs I found while using the software
  • Google Toolbar 4 beta does not show up till a page is loaded - this makes it miss a popup.
  • There is no way to hide the RSS search div on the rss reader page - it gets in the way of some images.
  • The zoom button on the lower right corner does not switch to 100% but to 150%
  • The zoom button is not integrated with the 'show original size' floating button which shows up on muse hover on the images
  • The rss button lights up when a page is loading even if there is no feed for that page.
  • There is no way to flag/unflag or read/unread individual rss items
  1. This is a test comment I want to test for CoComments.


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