So, after a long time, I think it's a dear diary moment again. Not because something happened today - no it's the usual totally loaded day at kgp with project deadlines breathing down your neck the first week of the sems - no, it's just that I happened to sign into blogger today.
OK, so what have I been up to these days? Well, I got a new room (B-216). I feel as if I have lots of free space (like when you get a TeraByte hard-disk). It's quite comfy, given the southern window with the easy-draw curtain on it, and the super smooth celing fan.
Ya, ya, blah blah, but what have I been up to on the programming frontier? Well, mmm, I have two courses this semester that are absolutely related to programming, and guess what? The language that I was yearning to learn Assembly for the Intel Pentium 4, will be taught in our core course! That is so fundoo. We will be directly targetting the P4 and it is so cool. When I was looking at the assembly code generated by the gcc compiler, everything seemed to be in order and efficienty handled. Hats off to Robo for opening my eyes. TIMTOWTDI - never forget it! (In case you are wondering, TIM•TOW•TDI /'timto'di/ abbreviation. There is more than one way to do it.) OK, so gcc is not very obvious, but I am not sure whether it's way was not the more efficient of the two. But Robo's comments have now forced me to think deeper for every asm code.
And the other course? It's a jam-packed course about Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms. There would be three term papers, one huge project, apart from the mid sems and end sems.
On the personal front, well, I got Avalon istalled and running. (By the way, let me just say that the name for Longhorn, Windows Vista, is just bad. Microsoft must have been in a common drunken state when the decision was made, this is not a name that I feel comfortable with. What is your OS, Sushovan? Vista. What? Vista. That's an OS? Yes. Oh. (under his breath) hasta-la-vista) Avalon is really cool with all the vector graphics and stuff. Looks pretty good. Seperation of code from presentation in such a complete manner is tremendously helpful and logical.
I have been trying to make my own paint, copying the functionality of MSPaint. Never have I realized that it was pretty advanced. Like, it is simple to take pictures and apply transformations to it, but giving tool for a WYSIWIG picture manipulation is difficult! Once I get through the basic stuff, I am planning to integrate anti-aliasing into the program, so that it will be one big step ahead of paint. Also, in case you did not know already, keeping the SHIFt key pressed while using the different tools gives you quite good stuff, including the eternal problem of drawing absolutely horizontal and vertical lines.
Another thing that I have been working on is a LAN chatting app based on FileSystemWatcher. It would be quite a useful app as and when I finish it. The FileSystemWatcher class is inherently very helpful and innovative applications can be thought of from it.
Another secret I want to leak out - I am not programming as much as I would like to - acads ka load hai bhai.
So, hasta-la-Vista™ till we meet again.
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