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So, after a long time, I think it's a dear diary moment again. Not because something happened today - no it's the usual totally loaded day at kgp with project deadlines breathing down your neck the first week of the sems - no, it's just that I happened to sign into blogger today.
OK, so what have I been up to these days? Well, I got a new room (B-216). I feel as if I have lots of free space (like when you get a TeraByte hard-disk). It's quite comfy, given the southern window with the easy-draw curtain on it, and the super smooth celing fan.
Ya, ya, blah blah, but what have I been up to on the programming frontier? Well, mmm, I have two courses this semester that are absolutely related to programming, and guess what? The language that I was yearning to learn Assembly for the Intel Pentium 4, will be taught in our core course! That is so fundoo. We will be directly targetting the P4 and it is so cool. When I was looking at the assembly code generated by the gcc compiler, e…